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Tuesday – Saturday


Fresh mozzarella w. cured ham, tomato and
balsamico, bread and butter kr. 98,00

Shrimpcocktail w. bread and butter kr. 119,00

Roman snails fried in garlic butter
w. garlicbread kr. 98,00

Greek salad w. fried feta cheese
and Calamata olives 85,00

Prawns in garlic butter,
served w. bread kr.168,00



French onion soup w. cheese bread
and paprika kr. 88,00

Lobster bisque w. crayfish tails kr. 118,00


Fish courses

Filled plaice w. creamed lobster
and boiled potatoes kr. 278,00

Poached salmon with sauce Blanquette and
the garnish of the day kr. 238,00


Dish of the day

Dish of the day kr. 159,00
The chef’s appetizer or dessert kr. 59,00
Please ask Your waiter!

Main courses

Wienerschnitzel w. peas, pommes saute
and butter sauce kr. 198,00

Chopped steak w. fried onions, gravy,
boiled potatoes and beet roots kr. 178,00

Scandinavian hash(diced meat, potato and onion)
w. two fried eggs kr. 159,00

”Chef’s Casserole” from pork tenderloin, bacon,
red and green peppers, mushrooms and
potatoes of the day kr. 195,00

Grilled chopped steak w. sauce Béarnaise, served
with the garnish of the day and French fries kr. 198,00

Roast pork with parsley sauce,
boiled potatoes and beetroot kr. 198,00

Grilled steak with baked potato, seasoned butter
and the salad of the day kr. 188,00

Pepper steak w. pepper sauce, served with
garnish and potato of the day kr. 258,00

Fillet beef w. fried onions, butter sauce,
gherkins and boiled potatoes kr. 238,00



Vanilla ice cream with black currant, macaroons
and Creme de Cassis kr. 98,00

Banana split w. three kinds of ice cream
and chocolate sauce kr. 118,00

Pancakes with ice cream and fruitcoulis kr. 118,00

Old-fashioned apple pie with whipped cream kr. 88,00

Cheese platter w. 3 kinds of cheese kr. 118,00

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Mini break

3 nights in a lovely double room
3 x 2-course dinners with coffee
3 x breakfast buffets
1 x double room

Per person DKK 1.449,00,-

Order online


from 18:00 to 20:00

Minimum 2 starters, 2 main courses and 1 dessert

kr. 218,-

Lunch from 12:00 to 16:00
Tuesday – Saturday

Two kinds of herring with
curry salad dressing and rye kr. 99,00

Shooting Star: 1 piece of toast w. a poached and a fried
fish filet, served w. red and white Mayonnaise, shrimps,
mushrooms and Danish caviar. kr. 139,00

Omelette garnished after choise. kr. 139,00

Herring and curry salad. Fish filet w. remoulade.
Roast beef w. gherkins. Tenderloin with fried onions.
Cheese, grapes, biscuits and
snacks. With bread and butter. kr. 285,00

Croque Monsieur – Sandwich w. cured ham,
melted brie, tomato and parselypesto kr. 139,00

Unspecified open sandwich with rye kr. 59.00

3 pieces of open rye sandwiches, one of them with
a warm fish filet, Mayonnaise and shrimps. kr. 149,00

Hamburger steak w. fried onions,
a fried egg and rye bread. kr. 139,00

Parisian beefsteak w. chopped onions, beets, capers,
horse radish, a raw egg yolk and mixed salad kr. 149,00